Why Theatre

Why Theatre

Nico Andreas Heller in Conversation with Stefan Kaegi

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Over the years, Stefan Kaegi’s work has been variously described as documentary, participatory, experimental and postdramatic. In this podcast we talk about his unique approach and practice as a theatre director and work with Remini Protokoll, the Berlin-based collective he cofounded in early 2000 together with Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel.

Born and raised in Switzerland, he studied philosophy in Basel, art in Zurich and theatre in Gießen (in Germany). Defying conventions, for over 20 years he has been creating documentary theatre, audio-interventions and curated formats that redefine what theatre can be and do. Using research, public auditions and conceptual processes, he often gives voice to ‘experts' who are not trained actors but have something to say. Over the years Stefan won numerous national and international awards and his work has been shown at festivals and theatres around the world.

For more information about Stefan Kaegi, visit Rimini Protokoll’s website.

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